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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Essentials

Aura Holdings, a Queensland-owned retirement village operator, was founded in 2016 by Tim Russell and Mark Taylor, who together have more than 35 years’ experience working within the industry. Aura Holdings is developing and managing six high-quality retirement communities in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba. At Aura, we create communities built on three fundamental principles: fairness, freedom and transparency. Learn more about Aura Holdings.

Most people leave the family home and move to a retirement village because they want less maintenance, less cleaning and more free time. It’s not about age but the lifestyle you desire.

A real point of difference for Aura Holdings is our Resident Transfer Program. If you need somewhere to live before your apartment is ready you can move into a vacant apartment at one of our other established villages in southeast Queensland, then transfer to your new home. Read more about the Resident Transfer Program on our blog.

We can make the purchase of your apartment subject to the sale of your home and are happy to work with you and allow sufficient time to sell. If needed, we can recommend agents in the area who sold our other residents’ homes. We can also provide referrals for professionals who can assist with downsizing and decluttering.

Well behaved pets are very welcome under our Pet Ownership Rules. Your pet is sure to become a much-loved member of the village community. Read our blog about pets in the villages.

Yes, of course, it is your home and family and friends are very welcome. In fact, just try keeping them away when they see all the fabulous facilities on offer! If you have guests staying for an extended period, we do ask that you apply for a guest licence. Click here to learn more about the range of community facilities provided at Aura villages.

You need to be at least 60 and may still be in the workforce. Eligibility is by way of approval to make sure we have residents of good nature who fit in with our friendly village.

Yes, all our villages are registered as retirement villages with the Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public Works.

Our retirement village residents live independently in their own modern and spacious apartments with support on hand if needed. The residents of an aged-care facility usually only have a room and perhaps an ensuite, and there are more residents who receive a higher level of assistance with their personal care and daily living.

Living in the retirement village

No, but we partner with quality in-home services provider, Five Good Friends, who can provide a range of care and support services to suit your needs. This may be a better option than a traditional serviced apartment as you only pay for the services you use and you may be eligible for government-funding for those services. Find out more about Five Good Friends’ services.

No. Our residents are all owner-occupiers.

In this unlikely event, your deposit is fully refundable up to the time of settlement. You can leave the village at any time. When you exit the village, the amount of Deferred Management Fee (DMF) owed will be calculated on the length of your stay and deducted from the sale price of your apartment. You benefit from the capital growth on your apartment, and Aura pays both your own and our legal fees. For more information about our DMF, please browse our Aura Holdings communities or contact us on 07 3397 2930.

You may stay in your village for as long as you wish, after all it is your home. If your needs increase over time, our in-home support provider, Five Good Friends, can help to keep you living independently. With the right support, you may never need to move. Click here to read our blog and find more information.

Under the contract, Aura Holdings has a long-term financial interest in the continuing success of the villages. Aura, as owner, is obliged to maintain the highest of standards in the provision of facilities and services to maximise the reputation of the villages and protect their equity.

Your contract is legislated under the Retirement Villages Act and provides you with security of tenure under Queensland Government legislation and is registered with the Queensland Land Titles Office. This ensures all services and amenities in your contract will always be available to you and that the village continues to be maintained to the highest standards.

Homecare provider Five Good Friends can provide any support you need to live happily and independently in your apartment. Whatever the task, they can provide the right person.

Residents who receive government support for their care needs are entitled to continue receiving funding when they move into our villages. You can access support on-site to continue living independently through your government package or pay for it privately. A Five Good Friends Concierge who works out of your village can help you apply for any government assistance you might be entitled. Find out more about Five Good Friends’ services.

We partner with quality homecare provider Five Good Friends to provide a range of support services you may need to maintain the independent lifestyle you crave. You are, of course, welcome to use any homecare provider of your choice. Read more about Five Good Friends’ services.

We have a private network that is fibre to the apartments with faster speeds compared with the National Broadband Network.

General building insurance, including your apartment, is covered by Aura Holdings. You will need to purchase contents insurance to cover your personal belongings.

Yes. All our villages are fitted with intercoms, while carparks have electronic remote controls. There are security features at all building entrances. Your Village Manager will ensure your home is safe, even when you are travelling.

Absolutely yes! Our residents can choose an apartment with a courtyard garden, grow thriving plants on their balconies or join others to potter in the community gardens.  Read our blog about our green-thumbs residents here.

Yes. The building will be protected from termites and pests in accordance with council building regulations and Australian standards.

You should take any concerns directly to your Village Manager. If they are unable to solve any issue to your satisfaction, the village will have a Residents’ Committee. Our Directors are always available and have an open-door policy.

Residents who purchase a leasehold apartment in our villages can have full confidence they have no financial responsibilities if any issues arise. Under strict legislation, Aura Holdings has full responsibility for the quality of the building and its upkeep.

If an issue arises with plumbing or electricity, or for items that were in place when you moved in, such as your oven, cooktop and dishwasher, any repairs or replacement will be covered by Aura Holdings. Learn more about the maintenance-free lifestyle offered at the Aura villages.

Aura Holdings has the responsibility to maintain the building/s and facilities on behalf of residents. Residents contribute to the maintenance reserve fund within their weekly fees. Aura is responsible for all capital costs, including new capital improvements and capital replacement of assets over time.

Aura Holdings’ retirement communities are modern, multi-storey villages that require less land so can be constructed in prime locations close to all conveniences. Vertical villages offer residents easy access to facilities via lifts, security and privacy. Read our blog about vertical living here.

Ownership and costs

We will cater to any desire you have to own a holiday home with all the convenience and security of your current Aura Holdings village. If you buy a second apartment for a sea change or tree change at another Aura village, you won’t pay deferred management fees on the lower-priced apartment. Speak to one of our sales consultants for more information.

A real point of difference for Aura Holdings is our Resident Transfer Program. If you need to move to a smaller apartment or wish to upgrade to a larger apartment or transfer to another Aura village, we will be happy to accommodate your needs. You will not incur the Deferred Management Fee twice. Read more about Resident Transfer Program on our blog.

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF) is your contribution to the refurbishment and management of the village. It is charged on an “enjoy now, pay later” basis and deducted when your capital sum is repaid to you. It allows you to free up some capital now to enjoy your retirement. Learn more here.

No, but you can include your apartment in your assets and after its sale the proceeds can be distributed to your beneficiaries as per your wishes.

Yes, you can sell at any time. Aura Holdings’ sales consultants will sell your apartment on your behalf. Unlike some other villages, you will benefit from the capital gain on your apartment when you sell.

It’s the lifestyle, support, security and facilities that make all the difference in the village. You won’t be sharing your space with renters and Airbnb holidaymakers as you might in a regular residential complex. Aura is responsible for all capital replacement and does not charge residents for reinstatement or refurbishment at the time of resale. Owners of residential apartments must pay all capital and capital replacement costs.

You will be responsible for normal services in your apartment such as electricity, phone and internet, and contents insurance.

No, in our villages you won’t pay for these services.

Your Village Manager can help with any maintenance issues in your apartment. If any item that was in place when you moved in needs replacing this will be done for a similarly priced product without any cost to you.

Our residents pay their service charges monthly by way of direct debit from a nominated bank account.

These charges will rise over time as the costs of services and statutory fees increase. Aura, as the operator, is conscious of residents’ cost of living expenses so strives to deliver best value for money outcomes for them. Residents are also protected under the Qld Retirement Village Act which regulates any increases above CPI that are not statutory-based costs eg council rates. All non-statutory charges above CPI must be voted on by village residents.

This fee covers the cost of village staff, the maintenance of all common areas, plus your use and maintenance of the village facilities. It also includes building insurance, 24-hour emergency call response, council rates and water used around the village. (You will pay separately for the metered water you use in your own apartment.) Under legislation, retirement village operators may not profit from the General Service Charge.

The General Service Charge ranges between our villages. Fees are calculated by apartment size and not on the number of occupants. Please check with your sales consultant for current information about these charges.

With leasehold you won’t pay stamp duty on your purchase and Aura Holdings, as the operator, is responsible for maintaining your apartment inside and out.

You purchase a “right to reside” under a leasehold agreement overseen by the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Qld). Your leasehold agreement will give you the right to live in your apartment for as long as you wish. The lease automatically terminates on the death of the surviving resident or when the apartment is sold.

No. Stamp duty does not apply to your retirement living apartment.

Our villages are owned and operated by experienced southeast Queensland-based company, Aura Holdings. The Directors Mark Taylor and Tim Russell have more than 35 years’ experience working within the retirement living industry. Learn more about Aura Holdings.


Yes, every village has its own manager to help with any maintenance issues that arise inside your apartment or around the village.

Your guests are most welcome to use any of the community facilities in the village when accompanied by yourself or another resident. We do expect that children are supervised, and all visitors respect the facilities and residents.

Each village has its own character and its own unique range of community facilities. Please check your village website for a list of facilities or ask your sales consultant for a detailed brochure containing all village features.

Design and styling

At Aura we listen to our residents and we cater to their needs, offering a wide range of apartment sizes and styles from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom spacious penthouses. Read our blog here.

We want you to feel comfortable and happy in your new home and recognise that you may wish to tailor it to your needs at your own cost. Please contact your Village Manager who will endeavour to accommodate your needs and desires where possible, taking into consideration council regulations and conditions of the village’s development approval.

Residents of a vertical living development only need to hop into the lift to access all the village’s facilities. In a traditional village, you may need to walk long distances to access facilities, problematic in severe weather condition or if a resident has mobility issues. Aura is able to build vertical villages in quality locations, while traditional, sprawling villages tend to be sited in more remote areas. To learn more about the design of our Aura retirement communities, click here.

If you can’t find an answer to your question by searching in this page, please email us at info@auraholdings.com.au and we’ll be happy to help you.