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A little support can make a big difference

Staying at home and living independently is the goal of all Aura Holdings’ residents but to help this happen plans need to be in place.

A little support can make a big difference

Staying at home – living independently and happily – is the goal of all Aura Holdings’ residents but to help this happen plans need to be in place.

If your situation changes, you may be eligible for support to keep living in your own beautiful apartment. That support – either short or long term – can make a big difference to maintaining the lifestyle you love.

To assist our residents, Aura Holdings has partnered with quality in-home services provider, Five Good Friends, an approved provider of the Federal Government’s Home Care Package Program. Residents who are ineligible for government funding may pay privately for any Five Good Friends’ services.

Of course, our residents are welcome to choose their own in-home service providers or continue using their current services if they desire. The choice is yours.

Saskia, the on-site Five Good Friends concierge at Kingsford Terrace Corinda and The Atrium Lutwyche, encourages residents to plan now for any future needs.

“I recommend that residents plan ahead for possible government entitlements. It can take time to navigate the process so it is important to have an understanding of the system before things change. Many residents aren’t aware they could be eligible for some form of government assistance,’’ Saskia says.

She says anyone over the age of 65 can register for My Aged Care, even if they are a self-funded retiree.

“Applying is worth doing at the same time as applying for a Seniors Card. You get a My Aged Care number as you do a Medicare Number or a Tax File Number. You then store it away with your other paperwork until you need it. That number stays with you and is used when accessing any services through My Aged Care,’’ Saskia says.

Book an appointment with your village manager to meet with the concierge who will help you register for My Aged Care, taking you step-by-step through the process and paperwork that can seem overwhelming. The Five Good Friends concierge can determine your eligibility for support services and help you prepare for an ACAT assessment towards your home care package.

Home care package funding covers four levels of support depending on personal needs. Level 1 funding for “basic care needs’’ provides around $8,000 a year to level 4 “high-level care needs’’ approximately $49,500 per year.

Wait times can be long for approval of government support packages. Current wait times to receive government assessments and support packages are three to six months wait for level 1 and 12 months or longer for level 2 to 4 packages.

Services delivered to your apartment can be as simple as domestic support to help you keep on top of things such as vacuuming, doing the bathrooms or picking up some groceries, or as complex as rehab recovery or 24-hour palliative care.

With Five Good Friends, you will have the same familiar faces visit you every week at an agreed and convenient time. The rotation of staff is often a complaint of other in-home services.

You will be also be actively involved in decisions surrounding your care. A personalised plan will be established with your village concierge to help you manage your health and care needs at home. Care packages are custom built for your needs.

Keep family members informed about the care you receive and your progress with state-of-the-art technology. An app will keep track of scheduled visits by your helpers so you can plan your day. You will be notified when a helper arrives at your door for your own peace of mind.

To find out more about Five Good Friends services delivered to your apartment or support to complete your home care funding, contact your Village Manager or  fivegoodfriends.com.au

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