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It’s your home, your best friend is welcome

At Aura Holdings, we know how important your much loved pet is to you and that’s why we welcome them into our retirement villages.

It’s your home, your best friend is welcome

A pet owner exploring retirement living options won’t even consider a village that doesn’t welcome pets. At Aura Holdings, we know how important your furry friend is to you and that’s why we welcome them.

A well-behaved pet, appropriate for apartment living, is sure to also become a treasured member of the community.

The pleasure of sharing your life with a pet is obvious but they also bring other benefits. A pet that demands a walk will help get you moving and your heart pumping, while the power of a wagging tail and their unconditional love can help brighten even a dark day.

Kingsford Terrace Corinda resident Iola Ternel shares her life and apartment with her five-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dolly.

Iola fell in love with the breed when she was 17 and Dolly is her seventh Spaniel. “They are such a beautiful dog to look at and they just seem to suit my own nature so well, being placid, very adaptable and also willing to walk,’’ Iola says. “Dolly is a quiet dog who will play with her ball inside and is happy to sleep a lot. She is really very catlike.’

Iola and Dolly have been residents of the retirement community in Brisbane’s western suburbs since November 2018.

So how does Iola deal with the delicate issue of Dolly’s toileting? “With a dog in an apartment you have to be disciplined and very regimented, but Dolly has an incredible ability to hang on. We have a nice routine going and she goes to the toilet when we go out,’’ Iola says.

“I think Dolly has settled into village living very well. Before coming here I started training her in preparation so I restricted her time outside to get her used to hanging on and this helped a great deal with settling in here. I had a dog door in my previous home so I had to shut it and Dolly just learned to wait. She has an amazing capacity and control.’’

Iola says having Dolly brings mutual benefits. “She is just the most wonderful company. She makes me go out for a walk. We go out for half an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I have hip issues so I need to exercise. If I didn’t have Dolly, I know I wouldn’t get out walking, so there’s mutual benefits for both of us. We usually just walk around the nearby streets but sometimes we go in the car to parks and take a walk.

“Dolly loves all the other residents and is probably too social. I have to keep a check on her. But she is terribly friendly and she is well liked around the place.

“I can’t imagine my life without Dolly. It would be dreadful to think of life without her. She really gives me so much purpose. She’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I am by nature an insular person but Dolly gets me out and talking to people. I stop on our walks and chat to others. That’s not something I’d do normally so she is very good for me.’’

Aura Holdings Director Tim Russell, who shares his life with dachshund Daisy, fully appreciates the joy a dog can bring. “Our villages are our residents’ homes so we believe they should continue living as they desire and that often includes sharing it with a much loved pet,’’ Tim says.

“Many breeds of dogs and cats are well suited to apartment living. Our pet policy is all about ensuring all residents are happy where they live.’’

Some breeds of dogs suitable for apartment living:

Poodles: This non-shedding breed is perfect for anyone with sensitivities or averse to cleaning up dog hair from their sofa! Poodles are smart and easy to train.

Cavalier King Charles (in the photo below): This calm breed make loyal companions. (Just ask Iola above!)

Pugs: A laid-back pug won’t need much exercise.

Miniature schnauzer: Also hypoallergenic, easy to train and gentle.

Yorkshire terrier (in the photo below): This small breed makes a perfect companion but needs some grooming.

Bichon frise: This fluffy and affectionate breed can make a perfect companion. Grooming required.

Shih Tzu (in the photo below): Small, friendly and requiring minimal exercise. They will need regular grooming.

Cats can also make wonderful companions to share your apartment. Here’s some suggestions:  

Russian blue (in the photo below): Quiet and devoted to their owners.

Birman: Affectionate, intelligent and playful.

Ragdoll (in the photo below): A beautiful breed that loves human interaction.

Persians: These regal felines are affectionate but need grooming.

Domestic shorthair: Relaxed and easy care.

Other pets:

Cockatiels, small parrots and budgies make entertaining companions.

Fish: A tank of marine pets is affordable and easy to maintain once established. Perhaps not as tactile as other pets, colourful fish can provide entertainment and viewing pleasure.

Contact us for more information about our pet policy.

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