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Village facilities: an extension of your home

Aura Holdings prides itself on the quality and range of village facilities it provides to residents where they can socialise, exercise or entertain their family and friends.

Village facilities: an extension of your own home

Aura Holdings prides itself on the quality and range of village facilities it provides to residents where they can socialise, exercise or entertain their family and friends.

Our facilities vary for each village but can include a pool for exercise or relaxation, a gym, function rooms where residents can gather, wine rooms to enjoy their favourite drops, libraries, billiards room, café and community gardens. The spaces are designed to suit all tastes and interests, allowing residents to be as social or as private as they desire.

Pool and wine room at Kingsford Terrace Corinda

Communal areas bring the residents together or provide space to entertain family and friends.

Aura Holdings Director Mark Taylor says when he and co-Director Tim Russell decide what facilities to include in their retirement villages several factors come into consideration. “Each village is individual and different, just like the residents, so the facilities must reflect this. The choice of facilities also depends on the size and location of each site,’’ Mark says.

“We prefer to create community areas with a variety of smaller intimate spaces rather than large empty, voluminous spaces. Smaller spaces are more inviting and relaxing, and we prefer to provide areas that are flexible for our residents’ needs.

Library at The Atrium Lutwyche and billiards room at The Avenue Maroochydore

“Other retirement communities build massive halls that can be sterile and stark spaces so they become under-utilised. Those spaces might only use the areas a couple of times a year for large events. We prefer function rooms that offer flexibility with bi-fold doors that allow areas to be easily modified for the needs of residents.

“Functions rooms – even the village boardroom – can be booked for family gatherings or a birthday party. Tim and I view the community spaces as an extension of our residents’ apartments. Residents decide to downsize from the maintenance of a large family home but they still want space around them they can use.

“When I call into Kingsford Terrace (Corinda), depending on the time of the day, all the different facilities are in use. It might be the pool, a fitness class is running, the craft room is being used, the hairdresser is busy and the café popular.

“It’s also important to design spaces where visiting consultants or health professionals can meet our residents. This is important for the Five Good Friends concierges who have an important role working with residents for the support needs or helping them with paperwork for home care support.

“At The Avenue Maroochydore the central courtyard provides an amazing recreational space. It’s really well utilised by the residents where they gather for their drinks, nibbles and barbecues. It really suits the lifestyle of Maroochydore.’’

Courtyard at The Avenue Maroochydore

Valerie, a resident of The Avenue, says she appreciates the spaces and facilities around the Sunshine Coast village. “I love The Avenue’s location and the freedom of movement around the village to use all the facilities,’’ she says. “It’s a short walk from my back door to the billiards room, bar or communal spaces. We can meet up with others with a bottle of wine or just have a game of pool on our own. We can be on our own or as social as we like.

“My son put it well saying ‘Mum, it’s like you’ve got a small house and a big house but you only have to look after the small house’.’’

Valerie’s husband Noel loves the opportunity to indulge his green thumb in the village’s beautiful community gardens. He has struck up a friendship in the gardens with fellow resident, Barrie, and the two grow capsicums, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages and lettuce that is shared with the other residents.

Mark says he and Tim are happy with the range of facilities available in their villages. “I think we now have a good balance of community spaces at the villages and I can’t see we will be changing anything dramatically in future plans. I think we’ve got a good balance,’’ Mark says.

To find out more about the facilities or life at an Aura village in southeast Queensland, call (07) 3397 2930 or go to auraholdings.com

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