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Flexibility to live where and how you desire

If your circumstances change in retirement, it is important that your village provider offers you flexibility if you need or wish to make a move.

Flexibility to live where and how you desire

If your circumstances change in retirement, it is important that your village provider offers you flexibility if you need or wish to make a move. At Aura Holdings we always put the needs of our residents first and aim to cater to any changes in their lives. Being adaptable is essential.

You may have found a buyer for your current home before construction is complete on your new village or perhaps you need to downsize within your current village from a three-bedroom apartment to a smaller apartment. At times, our residents may wish to move to another retirement village nearer to family or just decide a sea-change from the city to the coast is for them!

We will be happy to assist you to move to another Aura apartment or village, or welcome you as temporary residents to one of our established communities in southeast Queensland while you await construction of your new apartment.

Gordon and Diana Hassett moved apartments within their same building at Aura Holdings’ Kingsford Terrace retirement community at Corinda in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

“We had lived in our two-bedroom apartment on the third floor of the Litchfield building for almost a year and were very happy, but one day I took part in an open-day tour and walked into apartment 68 on the fourth floor and went ‘wow, it’s so lovely up here’,’’ Diana says. “My husband Gordon was agreeable so we made an offer that was accepted.

“The apartment was empty so it was all done with a minimum of fuss. We gradually moved our things up and got someone in to move the heavier items.

“It is such a lovely space here, I knew that as soon as I walked through the door. It has spectacular views, particularly at night.

“Now we live in a three-bedroom apartment on the top floor. We really only moved for more space and the views. The ceilings are all higher in the apartments on the top floor so it seems more airy and the balconies are also a bit larger.’’

While the Hassetts ‘upsized’ to a larger apartment, Diana has seen the transfer program work for other residents who, when their circumstances changed, were able to move from larger apartments to smaller, freeing up some equity.

But was this the Hassetts’ final move? The couple say they have looked admiringly at Aura Holdings’ latest development, Somerset Indooroopilly to be built within the Indooroopilly Golf Club.

“We have got options,’’ Diana says. “It is tempting to think about but it is great here at Kingsford Terrace with public transport at the door with the bus and train. It’s just the most convenient place for us.’’

While the Hassetts stayed within the same village, retirees Gay and Mal Stapleton are currently living at Aura’s newest village, The Atrium Lutwyche, and getting to know Brisbane’s inner northside, while their beachside home at The Pavilion North Kirra is under construction.

The Stapletons sold their home in northern NSW sooner than expected. “It left us up in the air,’’ Gay says. “The transfer program took the pressure off us knowing we had somewhere to go.

“We think this apartment here in Lutwyche is so beautifully built and laid out but we are keen to get back to the Gold Coast where our family live and we’re used to hearing the sound of the sea.’’

When The Pavilion is completed in 2021, Gay and Mal will leave Lutwyche and move into their new two-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor with stunning views of the ocean and be able to enjoy the sounds of rolling waves again.

Unlike other village operators, if a resident decides to move within or between any Aura development they won’t be charged the Deferred Management Fee twice. The DMF will only be calculated after the resident’s final move from an Aura property and then it will be calculated pro-rata based on the time residing in each apartment to the maximum five years. For more information about the calculation of the DMF please speak to your sales consultant.

Many of the large corporate retirement village operators also insist that their residents pay refurbishment costs (such as repainting and recarpeting) on their current apartment if they change apartments. In fact, Aura residents never pay refurbishment costs when they move. This is a real point of difference for Aura.

Several residents of The Atrium Lutwyche and The Avenue Maroochydore lived happily at Kingsford Terrace Corinda while awaiting construction of their own apartments. The residents of our villages now look forward to welcoming the buyers of Somerset Indooroopilly and The Ninth Middle Ridge Toowoomba when they join their communities for a temporary stay.

With flexibility, you can be assured that if you need to make a change to the way you live, then Aura staff will be able to accommodate your desires.

For more information about Aura Holdings’ resident transfer program or information about moving to any of our communities, please call (07) 3397 2930 or info@auraholdings.com.au

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