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Let’s bust those village myths!

There are so many myths and misconceptions about living in a retirement village. Let’s bust those myths right now!

Let’s bust those village myths!

There are so many myths and misconceptions about living in a retirement village. Let’s bust those myths right now!

MYTH: Retirement villages are for ‘old people’.

FACT: Aura Holdings' residents are fun, vibrant people – some are still in the workforce. They are planners who are looking to the future and want maintenance-free living to have time just to enjoy themselves. They also seek the social connection of living amongst like-minded people. It’s not about age – although you need to be over 60 – but the lifestyle you desire.

MYTH: Retirement villages are aged-care facilities/nursing homes.

FACT: Retirement villages are for over 60s who want to maintain their own independence. Our residents live independently in their own modern apartments with support on hand if needed. Residents of a nursing home usually have their own room and perhaps an ensuite, and require a high level of assistance with their personal care and daily living.

MYTH: I will eventually need to move into aged care.

FACT: With our in-home support partner, Five Good Friends, you may never need to move again. Our residents can access support for domestic services, to nursing and palliative care in their own apartment on a government package or pay for it privately. With the right support, you can age in place independently rather than move to an aged-care facility. Find out more about Five Good Friends here.

MYTH: It’s too hard to pack up and downsize all my ‘stuff’.

FACT: We can help with a team of experts to assist you to downsize, pack, dispose of your unwanted items and move in. Read our downsizing blog here. We even have an interior stylist who can help you furnish your new apartment – find out more about VT Interiors here.

MYTH: Retirement village operators charge for everything, including small maintenance tasks. 

FACT. We don’t charge! A lot of other operators charge $30 an hour for maintenance tasks such as changing lightbulbs and bill you for annual servicing of your dryer and air-conditioner. At Aura Holdings, we are confident we provide our residents with the best value for their maintenance-free lifestyle.

MYTH: It’s difficult to access all the community facilities.

FACT: In our vertical villages, just hop in the lift to access the facilities. Often in large retirement villages and land lease communities set over a wide area, it can be a long walk to communal facilities in the heat, rain or the dark. Our villages provide easy and safe access to ensure you stay social and engaged. Read our blog on benefits of vertical villages.

MYTH: I will be dragged along to social events that I don’t want to attend.

FACT: You can attend as little or as much as you like – it’s your choice. If you are looking for an active, social lifestyle you will find it at our village but if you prefer you own company, your privacy will be respected.

MYTH: I won’t be able to have a pet.

FACT: Your well-behaved pet will be very welcome under our pet ownership rules. Several of our residents have a dog, cat or a bird. Your pet is sure to become a much-loved member of the community. Read our blog about pets in our villages.

MYTH: My apartment will be too small for my family to visit.

FACT: You’ll be surprised our spacious, modern apartments – some of Aura’s largest apartments are over 200sq m. The village’s community facilities are an extension of your home and your grandchildren can swim in the pool, join you for a game of billiards and stay over during the school holidays. Family and friends are always welcome, after all, it is your home.

MYTH: I’ll have to give up gardening if I move into an apartment.

FACT: Many of our residents continue to maintain a garden while others are happy to leave it behind. Our residents have pot plants on the balconies, some have their own courtyards and others love to be involved in village community gardens growing herbs and vegetables. Read our blog about our gardening residents here.

MYTH: If I change my mind, I’ll lose my deposit.

FACT: At your Aura Holdings' community your $5,000 deposit is fully refundable. Unlike buying an off-the-plan residential apartment where you can be required to pay a non-refundable 10 per cent deposit, you can change your mind at any time leading up to settlement. Read more about our fees here.

MYTH: Deferred Management Fees (or exit fees) are a bad thing.

FACT: A major benefit of retirement village living is the ability to defer a part of the cost until the time you leave the village. The Deferred Management Fee is a resident’s contribution to the refurbishment and management of the village, the community facilities, services and support. The fee is charged on an “enjoy now, pay later’’ basis and is deducted when your occupancy ends. It also ensures your weekly fees and ongoing contributions are kept to a minimum. Read more about our DMF here.

For answers to any questions you have about moving to an Aura Holdings’ retirement village please go to our FAQ section of our website, or phone (07) 3397 2930.


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