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It’s your home, your best friend is welcome

At Aura Holdings, we know how important your much loved furry friend is to you and that’s why we welcome them and you to our retirement living villages.

It’s your home, your best friend is welcome

At Aura Holdings, we know how important your much loved furry friend is to you and that’s why we welcome them and you to our retirement living villages.

A well-behaved pet, appropriate for apartment living, is sure to also become a treasured member of the community at The Atrium Lutwyche.

The pleasure of sharing your life with a pet is obvious but they also bring other benefits. A pet that demands a walk will help get you moving and your heart pumping, while the power of a wagging tail and their unconditional love can help brighten even a dark day.

Carol and Peter Shiels say they wouldn’t have even considered a retirement living option that didn’t welcome their treasured 11½-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel-poodle cross.


Sheikah is the perfect apartment partner, according to Peter and Carol. “He has always been an apartment dweller since he was a puppy,’’ Carol says.

The Shiels and Sheikah have settled in well to Aura Holdings’ latest ‘vertical’ retirement village at The Atrium Lutwyche on Brisbane’s inner northside.

“Other retirement communities might say they are dog friendly but then they come up with a long list of rules. Everyone here at The Atrium has warmly welcomed Sheikah. There’s been no problem with him being here,’’ Carol says.

Peter takes Sheikah for his last walk about 8 or 9 at night. “He then never needs to go out again during the night. He lets us know when he needs to go,’’ Peter says. “He’s only ever had one accident when he was young. You could set your watch by him.’’

Carol says because Sheikah is a very socialised dog it makes living in a retirement village setting so much easier. “You just can’t have a yappy dog in an apartment and fortunately Sheikah isn’t that,’’ she says.

“If we go out, he goes out with us but then there is no problem for him to stay home alone but he’s really not left home often.

“He is so important. I love him more than life itself.’’

Aura Holdings Director Tim Russell, who shares his life with dachshund Daisy, fully appreciates the joy a dog can bring. “Our villages are our residents’ homes so we believe they should continue living as they desire and that often includes sharing it with a much loved pet,’’ Tim says.

“Many breeds of dogs and cats are well suited to apartment living. Our pet policy is all about ensuring all residents are happy where they live.’’

Some breeds of dogs suitable for apartment living:

Poodles: This non-shedding breed is perfect for anyone with sensitivities or averse to cleaning up dog hair from their sofa! Poodles are smart and easy to train.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel (in the photo below): This calm breed make loyal companions.

Pugs: A laid-back pug won’t need much exercise.

Miniature schnauzer: Also hypoallergenic, easy to train and gentle.

Yorkshire terrier (in the photo below): This small breed makes a perfect companion but needs some grooming.

Bichon frise: This fluffy and affectionate breed can make a perfect companion. Grooming required.

Shih tzu (in the photo below): Small, friendly and requiring minimal exercise. They will need regular grooming.

Cats can also make wonderful companions to share your apartment. Here’s some suggestions:  

Russian blue (in the photo below): Quiet and devoted to their owners.

Birman: Affectionate, intelligent and playful.

Ragdoll (in the photo below): A beautiful breed that loves human interaction.

Persians: These regal felines are affectionate but need grooming.

Domestic shorthair: Relaxed and easy care.

Other pets:

Cockatiels, small parrots and budgies make entertaining companions.

Fish: A tank of marine pets is affordable and easy to maintain once established. Perhaps not as tactile as other pets, colourful fish can provide entertainment and viewing pleasure.

Contact us for more information about our pet policy on (07) 3357 9092 or email live@theatriumlutwyche.com.au

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