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When isolation means you’re not alone

The Coronavirus situation is changing daily so Aura Holdings have firm plans in place to support residents during this health crisis.

When isolation means you’re not alone

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is changing daily and Australians are being bombarded with mixed messages that can be confusing. At Aura Holdings we have firm plans in place to support and keep all our residents informed during this health crisis.

The health and wellbeing of residents is our priority. If a resident needs to self-isolate in their apartment they are in a fortunate position. Self-isolation does not mean they are alone. As part of living within The Atrium Lutwyche community, residents can be confident they will be well supported. The Village Manager Clint will ensure residents’ immediate needs are met and will provide regular communications and welfare checks if anyone is in the extreme position of needing to self-isolate within their apartment.

If a resident is in isolation, they will have someone who can shop for them or groceries can be delivered to their door. Residents are also surrounded by supportive, kind-hearted neighbours who will be more than willing to bring meals to the door – even if it involves ringing the bell and leaving them on the doorstep. Our own village version of Meals on Wheels!

Many older Australians living in their own homes in suburbs or towns are feeling isolated and unsure about what the coming weeks may hold for them but our Lutwyche residents can be assured of being well supported in a community of like-minded residents with staff on hand.

With residents’ wellbeing in mind we have unfortunately taken the tough decision to close the village’s community facilities, including the pool, until further notice.

All village-organised social events will also be postponed until the end of April at which time we will review the COVID-19 situation and the Government’s advice. We acknowledge the disappointment and inconvenience these measures will cause our residents but we look forward to resuming all these services as soon as possible.

Our home care partners, Five Good Friends, will continue to deliver an exceptional standard of care to any residents who need support to live independently or who may unfortunately become ill.

Aura Holdings has established a COVID-19 Response Committee which is reviewing the situation and we will continue to provide regular updates. Our aim is to provide correct advice, information and remain vigilant with regards to residents’ health. We will communicate any major alerts or announcements by email or post to village noticeboards.

A major advantage of living in a village community like The Atrium Lutwyche is the comfort knowing there are like-minded and supportive people close by. During this unprecedented crisis, this support is vital. Every day we witness the care and support our residents display for their neighbours. Village Manager Clint and all Aura staff vow to do their utmost to protect residents’ health and wellbeing.

For more information contact Village Manager Clint on 3357 9092 or live@theatriumlutwyche.com.au

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