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Our residents determine the social calendar and you choose to engage in as much or as little as you like. Activities such as art, craft, music, book club, fitness classes, gardening, billiards, barbecues, wine tasting, guest speakers, cards and social outings are generally on offer.

Aura Holdings’ retirement communities are modern, multi-storey villages that require less land so can be constructed in prime locations close to all conveniences. Vertical villages offer residents easy access to facilities via lifts, security and privacy. Read our blog about vertical living here.

Absolutely yes! Our residents can choose an apartment with a courtyard garden, grow thriving plants on their balconies or join others to potter in the community gardens.  Read our blog about our green-thumbs residents here.

General building insurance, including your apartment, is covered by Aura Holdings. You will need to purchase contents insurance to cover your personal belongings.

We partner with quality homecare provider Five Good Friends to provide a range of support services you may need to maintain the independent lifestyle you crave. You are, of course, welcome to use any homecare provider of your choice. Read more about Five Good Friends’ services.

Residents who receive government support for their care needs are entitled to continue receiving funding when they move into our villages. You can access support on-site to continue living independently through your government package or pay for it privately. A Five Good Friends Concierge who works out of your village can help you apply for any government assistance you might be entitled. Find out more about Five Good Friends’ services.

Aura Holdings has the responsibility to maintain the building/s and facilities on behalf of residents. Residents contribute to the maintenance reserve fund within their weekly fees. Aura is responsible for all capital costs, including new capital improvements and capital replacement of assets over time.

If an issue arises with plumbing or electricity, or for items that were in place when you moved in, such as your oven, cooktop and dishwasher, any repairs or replacement will be covered by Aura Holdings. Learn more about the maintenance-free lifestyle offered at the Aura villages.

Residents who purchase a leasehold apartment in our villages can have full confidence they have no financial responsibilities if any issues arise. Under strict legislation, Aura Holdings has full responsibility for the quality of the building and its upkeep.

Yes. The building will be protected from termites and pests in accordance with council building regulations and Australian standards.

No. Our residents are all owner-occupiers.

Yes. All our villages are fitted with intercoms, while carparks have electronic remote controls. There are security features at all building entrances. Your Village Manager will ensure your home is safe, even when you are travelling.

You may stay in your village for as long as you wish, after all it is your home. If your needs increase over time, our in-home support provider, Five Good Friends, can help to keep you living independently. With the right support, you may never need to move. Click here to read our blog and find more information.

Your contract is legislated under the Retirement Villages Act and provides you with security of tenure under Queensland Government legislation and is registered with the Queensland Land Titles Office. This ensures all services and amenities in your contract will always be available to you and that the village continues to be maintained to the highest standards.

Under the contract, Aura Holdings has a long-term financial interest in the continuing success of the villages. Aura, as owner, is obliged to maintain the highest of standards in the provision of facilities and services to maximise the reputation of the villages and protect their equity.

You should take any concerns directly to your Village Manager. If they are unable to solve any issue to your satisfaction, the village will have a Residents’ Committee. Our Directors are always available and have an open-door policy.