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Any time after the age of 60 and you don’t need to be retired to move in. Many people move to a village from their family home because they want less maintenance and more free time. The decision to move should not be based on age but all about the lifestyle you desire.

When you walk through the village entrance you should feel right at home. The essentials of a good village are: your own beautiful apartment, a welcoming community, modern facilities, an active social life, a friendly village manager and staff. It is a place where you are respected and treasured.

All our apartments are owner-occupied so you will need to be able to purchase your own. Other expenses include the General Service Charge (the weekly fee – it varies depending on the village you choose to live so please check with your sales consultant for current information about these charges) and residents are responsible for normal services to their apartment such as electricity, water, phone, internet and content insurance.

Independent research from the National Village Survey 2018 shows an overwhelming majority, or 84 per cent of village residents, were happy with their life – much higher than those who had stayed in their family home. We also offer the added benefit of Aura Holdings’ transfer program, so if you feel you would be happier living in another of our villages in southeast Queensland, we can help with that too.

Retirement village residents secure a lease over a property. In a lifestyle community the lease only covers the land – the house you purchase is required to be technically relocatable. Retirement villages are registered under the Retirement Villages Act while lifestyle communities are covered under the same laws as caravan parks. There are also differences in the costs for maintenance and repairs. Read our blog ‘Comparing your retirement living options’.

One of the most often heard statements in our villages is “I wish I’d moved here sooner.’’ Vibrant retirement villages offer numerous lifestyle and social benefits. Without home maintenance but with your friends on hand and state-of-the-art facilities, residents feel like they are on holiday every day.

You will never be lonely! Residents enjoy active social lives surrounded by friendly, like-minded neighbours, all relishing more leisure time without the burden of home maintenance. Our villages are purpose-built for safe ageing, with added peace of mind from security and the support of your village manager and staff.

Our residents determine the social calendar and you choose to engage in as much or as little as you like. Activities such as art, craft, music, book club, fitness classes, gardening, billiards, barbecues, wine tasting, guest speakers, cards and social outings are generally on offer.

We partner with hands-on decluttering and downsizing experts who can assist you to move effortlessly from your old home into your new apartment. If you need help to furnish or style your apartment, Viera Tischljar, of VT Interiors, who styles Aura Holdings’ display apartments, can offer advice on incorporating your favourite pieces with any new purchases. Viera can be consulted for a fee.

Although there are not yet electric vehicle charging stations in our villages, Aura is looking to partner with an external provider to facilitate this service.

At Aura we listen to our residents and we cater to their needs, offering a wide range of apartment sizes and styles from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom spacious penthouses. Read our blog here.

We will cater to any desire you have to own a holiday home with all the convenience and security of your current Aura Holdings village. If you buy a second apartment for a sea change or tree change at another Aura village, you won’t pay deferred management fees on the lower-priced apartment. Speak to one of our sales consultants for more information.

Aura Holdings’ retirement communities are modern, multi-storey villages that require less land so can be constructed in prime locations close to all conveniences. Vertical villages offer residents easy access to facilities via lifts, security and privacy. Read our blog about vertical living here.

Absolutely yes! Our residents can choose an apartment with a courtyard garden, grow thriving plants on their balconies or join others to potter in the community gardens.  Read our blog about our green-thumbs residents here.

Residents who purchase a leasehold apartment in our villages can have full confidence they have no financial responsibilities if any issues arise. Under strict legislation, Aura Holdings has full responsibility for the quality of the building and its upkeep.

Yes. The building will be protected from termites and pests in accordance with council building regulations and Australian standards.