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Scams Awareness Workshop for Older People

Anyone can be affected by a scam.

The goal of this workshop is to provide awareness to the risk of scams so you can better protect yourself.

The workshop will focus on scams that impact people over the age of 65 such as:

  • Telephone phishing scams
  • Investment scams
  • Buying and selling scams
  • Current scam alerts

Learn about what to do if you have been affected by a scam or are concerned you are being groomed by a scammer.

This workshop will be facilitated by UnitingCare’s Senior Enquiry Line. The Seniors Enquiry Line is a free, state-wide telephone helpline which provides information and referral support to Seniors, Carers and those interested in information about Seniors. People can contact the helpline Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on 1300 135 500.

This workshop was initially scheduled for Tuesday 11th May at 1pm but has been postponed. Over the course of the coming weeks, we will provide you with further information.

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